“The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Our Institute is founded with believe in the above maxim from it’s very inception. In keeping with this belief, we have consistently offered our students the very best of teaching expertise. Our faculty members feature Professors of average experience, as much as 15 years. Our faculty includes many with professional qualifications such as CA, ICWA, CS etc. Of particular note is the fact that this distinguished faculty visits our centre so that all students benefit from their insights. Our faculty members are exclusively committed to our classes and contribute fully to the growth of the institution and its students. We at our institute respect the value of experience and legacy. We also know that change is the only constant. Our Subject Experts track and drive syllabus changes, innovate new methods of teaching and pioneer the use of modern day learning aids such as laptops & LCD Projectors. Our Institute also has the unique Guardian concept, in terms of which iconic faculty members assume responsibility for students in a defined educational area or a defined branch. The nurturing of these students becomes the personal charter of these senior faculty members who provide them with insights and advice that catalyze performance and re-define career choices. We also realize the importance of the opinion of our students and have in place a feedback mechanism which encourages our students to provide their views on how the learning experience can be improved.